Frequently Asked Questions

My POS has text – what’s different about this?
Point of sale is okay, but has some serious limitations. (link opens in new tab)

I was thinking of creating a mobile app, but I’m on the fence.  Why is SMS better?
Other than the exorbitant cost of a custom app, here are a few good reasons to go with SMS.

What about Kiosks & Punchcards?
We thought you might ask…

Will there be a dedicated agent assigned to my account?
Yes, and that agent will help you succeed.

What about sales support and text support?
Yes, our Sentext Solutions support staff is based on our home office in Milford, CT.

Can any cell phone receive a text message?
Yes, it does not have to be a smart phone.

How long does it take before my base receives my text message?
It only takes a few minutes to arrive once you hit send

What if they have no cell service?
They can still receive your text even without a signal . They can also receive your text anytime and anywhere in the U.S.

How much does it cost?
Less than two cents per text depending on the plan

Can the recipients of my texts reply to them?

Can the recipients of my text messages share them with friends and family?
Absolutely, and you should encourage them to do so

How many characters is allowed in a single text?

Can I send videos, photos and links with your service?

Can I send out messages in real-time from live events?
Yes, using a handheld device or a smart phone

Will my messages be censored like some social media sites?

Are there any restrictions in messages prohibited by law?
Yes, and Sentext Solutions follows all CTIA regulations

What is a KEY word?
A KEY word is the word that must be text to join your base

Who selects the KEY words?
You do

Can you have more than one KEY word?
Yes, you can have unlimited KEY words at no additional cost

Would the numbers of my customers or members in my base be sold?

How secure is your platform?
Very, there is no personal information or data being collected

How do I build a base?
Using incentives to entice people to join, Inviting members or supporters to join, Encouraging members, customers and supporters to invite others to join

What can I do to build it faster?

  • The better the incentive and the greater the promotion the faster it grows
  • Pop up ads on website and on your social media sites
  • Promoting it through signage, employees and other customers
  • Promoting it through e-mail, direct mail, print and broadcast media

Does it cost my customers money to receive my text messages?
Only if they do not have unlimited texting through their providers. They can opt out anytime

What makes your service different from other SMS marketing systems?
Click on competitors vs. our link here:

Can I buy blocks of text messages in bulk?

Can I contract short term or seasonal?

Will I have to start over each season to grow my base?
No, in fact you can even grow your base while it is dormant.  You will not be billed unless you start sending text messages.

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